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The first time you strum an O’Gorman Guitar you can feel every ounce of it’s build quality working with you to give the unmistakable sound and playability you only get from a handmade instrument.


The tone and balance from these guitars are impossibly good, it’s as though every string has a postcode derived from hundreds of hours painstaking design and craftsmanship. 

- Robin Windram




I would say it was one of my better life decisions to go with Brendan. He built me a beautiful looking and sounding guitar, it’s truly a work of art. I can find no fault with the craftmanship and detail incorporated in my guitar.

What I got from the first contact with Brendan, was advice, communication, guidance and enthusiasm for delivering an instrument of the highest quality by extracting each material's optimum performance of tone and resonance. It takes time, patience, and commitment to achieve this and the result is that my guitar sings the most beautiful song.

- Garry Bennett


The whole experience, from meeting Brendan at the London International Guitar Show, to his home visit and then the build process, has all been first class. The result is a guitar that looks, plays, and sounds wonderful. It is very much admired by all my friends in our local folk scene. 

- Allan Winter

O'Gorman guitars are a pleasure to play.  Each model I tried had its own magic that brought something special out of my playing. 

The guitars are beautifully built and versatile, working well in a variety of different styles and situations from fingerstyle to flat picking.

- Kit Hawes

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