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I currently offer two models - Moir and Newlands.  These guitars are completely customisable to suit the players requirements both tonally and aesthetically.


Within the confines of these two body shapes there is a multitude of variables that can be dialled in to create a one-off instrument that will last for generations to come.

Let's talk build:







Scale length 


I believe that scale length is the most important tonal consideration when designing your guitar.  A long scale length will put more tension on the strings, tightening up the bass response and providing a very defined, precise sound.  A short scale length will bring more warmth with a little less clarity, plus having the added bonus of being more comfortable to play.  Neither option is better than the other - it is simply down to your personal preference and will need to be considered at the same time as when selecting the tone wood. These two elements combined will provide the final voice of your instrument. 

Tone wood selection


This is where it gets fun! The wood choices you make will obviously impact the aesthetics of the guitar, but they will also shape its sound.  I love discussing the tonal significances that different wood species have on the instrument, and I will be working together with you to select the right combination that enables us to dial in the acoustic voice you are looking for.



Both models are available with or without a Florentine cutaway.  If you want easy access to the whole fretboard, a cutaway is a must. But if you spend most of your time in the bottom two thirds you might just want to keep that extra body volume.


Arm bevels add a little extra comfort.  I only offer small bevels at the moment as I am of the opinion that a little bevel goes a long way.



My guitars come with Gotoh 510's as standard and if opting for a pickup I generally advise K&K but I am happy to discuss all options regarding hardware.



O’Gorman Guitars come with Hiscox Pro II cases which are available in either black or ivory.




O’Gorman Guitars start from £4,000

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