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Brendan O'Gorman


Brendan O'Gorman is the owner and builder of each individual, handcrafted O'Gorman Guitar.

Having played guitar his whole life, his passion for the instrument, their sound and build was formed early on. This in turn led him to explore woodworking as a career, with a strong emphasis on quality, creativity and craftsmanship.

Brendan trained as a cabinet maker in the field of fine furniture at David Savage’s prestigious Rowden Atelier, this complimented his existing training in lutherie , enabling him to hone his art and gain the necessary skills to make a truly beautiful instrument.

O'Gorman Guitars 

The individual connection between player and instrument has always been at the forefront of Brendan's builds.


His luxury custom-built designs merge seamlessly with client specifications, pairing musicians with their perfect bespoke match. 

The whole ethos behind O’Gorman Guitars stemmed from one simple concept:


The desire to engage ALL the individual senses of the player. 


Everything from start to finish, is meticulously planned with this in mind.


The design concept, the ergonomics of the instrument, the touch and feel, the comfortability when held, the scent and tactility of the wood, the atmosphere in which the guitar will ultimately end up, and the sound when it's played - all of these things are considered when crafting the perfect commission.



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