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Brendan O'Gorman


Having played guitar since childhood, my passion for the instrument was formed early on. I was particularly interested in how they were made. This eventually led me to explore woodworking as a career, with a strong emphasis on quality, creativity and expert craftsmanship.

I trained as a cabinet maker in the field of fine furniture at David Savage’s prestigious Rowden Atelier in North Devon. After completing my training I transferred my newly found skills into my true passion - making guitars.  

O'Gorman Guitars 

The personal connection between each individual player and instrument has always been at the forefront of my guitar making.


Everything is customisable - nut width, string spacing, scale length, neck profile, you name it... I consider it my job to listen to and understand the needs of my clients and then make them a guitar that they could not have bought straight from the shelf.  Something that is uniquely made just for them.


The design concept, the ergonomics of the instrument, the touch, feel, and comfort when held, the tactility of the wood and the sound when it's played - all of these things are considered when crafting the perfect bespoke guitar.



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